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November 13, 2020
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Dear colleagues!

We invite you to participate in the online IV. International Conference on Awareness “LANGUAGE and AWARENESS”. Time: 2-4 December, 2020 (Big Blue Button platform).

The language reflects the essence of a thousand-year existence of a man in society, passed through a time filter. In this regard, a language consisting of tens of thousands of words and forms, delving into the details of its structure and functioning, appears before us as a universal system that controls the existence of people, society, nation and culture.

Each language is a living organism that exists and develops according to its own laws. Language is the link between the outer and inner world of a person. Language as a social structure is a repository of the cultural memory of the people that can be passed down from generation to generation. The laws of language are formulas created by the linguistic preferences of nations, their linguistic comprehension, with the corresponding linguistic situation and the
mentality characteristic of the people.

IV. International Conference on Awareness “LANGUAGE andAWARENESS” provides an opportunity for the publication of scientific papers concerning various problems in the field of language learning, including interdisciplinary ones. Researchers, teachers of higher educational institutions, PhD students, undergraduates and students, school teachers, representatives of non-governmental organizations interested in the topic of the conference are invited to participate in the conference.

All conference presentations will be broadcast live on YouTube. Working languages of the conference are English, Turkish and Russian. All materials submitted to the Organizing Committee and correspond to the conference theme undergo mandatory double-blind peer review with the involvement of at least two members of the scientific committee and other independent reviewers (if necessary) in accordance with international criteria and standards. The full text of the article accepted for submission based on the results of peer review will be published in the collection of conference materials. In addition, at the request of the authors, their works can be published in specialized journals with an international citation index after a positive review from the reviewer.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we will be honored to invite you to our conference. Best regards…

Prof. Dr. Nurida Samed kızı NOVRUZOVA & Prof . Dr. Şolpan JARKINBEKOVA

Conference Co-Presidents