Mélanges in homage to Pr. Dr. Denis Mukwege - https://journals.openedition.org/lisa/11789

deadline for submissions: 
February 14, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Rennes University

n this troubled and troubling period when “normal” life is suspended and depends on lockdowns whose duration can only be indeterminate in the face of an invisible and devastating evil,
At a time when everyone’s anguish is palpable, dominated by hardships and sacrifices, our civic responsibilities, our humanitarian preoccupations are all the stronger.
In this suspended time, perhaps more than ever, certain words resonate and give birth to thoughts and reflections, i.e. the sharing of ideas, ideas of solidarity, of collaborative deeds or actions, offering friendship, comfort, goodwill...
Writing has many virtues; among them, in its inclusive aims and in its fruitful modes of expression, we can mention catharsis, mobilization, commitment, empowerment, serenity, escape...
In these Mélanges, we propose to pay a complementary, different but nevertheless sincere, homage to Pr. Dr. Denis Mukwege and to support his struggle to combat violence against women and the most vulnerable, and, more broadly, war crimes, but also to aid abused victims, and, more generally, those destroyed by rape and other acts of barbarism for which denunciation and condemnation of the unacceptable, the unmentionable, the unbearable must remain permanent and sustained.

Additional information on submission:
The Mélanges in homage to Pr. Dr. Denis Mukwege continues to welcome new contributions.

Your contributions may, for instance, be (this list is not exhaustive) keywords, quotations (your own or those that “inspire” you), paragraphs, “Calligrammes”, an ode, a haiku, an epigram, a limerick, a dialogue, a soliloquy, a satire, a letter, an opinion piece, a pamphlet, a plea… Drawings, sketches or photos are also possible as are short sound and/or musical excerpts, interludes, short photo montages, audio or filmed recordings (texts read, sung or played)...

Please note that we cannot cover any copyright charges. If in doubt, please contact us (renee.dickason@univ-rennes2.fr).

Renée Dickason is Professor at Rennes University (France). In 2003, she founded Revue LISA/LISA e-journal. https://journals.openedition.org/lisa/11789