Twin Peaks online conference "It is in our House now"

deadline for submissions: 
December 1, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Franck Boulègue / University of Liège


Twin Peaks Season 3 Conference
“It is in Our House Now”

Organized in partnership with Lynchland (, Cork University (Ireland), Université Bordeaux Montaigne (France) & Université de Liège (Belgium), the Supernatural Studies Association, and the film magazine La Septième Obsession (France).

This international online conference will focus on the third season of Mark Frost and David Lynch’s acclaimed television series Twin Peaks, an eighteen-part event that premiered on Showtime in May 2017. While the original two seasons of Twin Peaks (1990-91) and Lynch’s feature-length film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992) have been the subject of numerous academic and critical studies, season 3 returned to television over 25 years later. The season has yet to benefit from an international conference that is interdisciplinary in scope. We are excited about the conference’s accessible online format and its potential to engage with international colleagues in diverse fields of research.

Suggested topics of exploration include, but are not limited to:

• the role of time in season 3
• expanded space and geography in season 3
• aesthetics of season 3
• the use of special effects in season 3
• the relationship between season 3 and earlier seasons of Twin Peaks (1990-91), as well as the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992)
• the relationship between the 3rd season and Mark Frost’s The Secret History of Twin Peaks (2016) and Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier (2017)
• Homer’s Odyssey
• electromagnetism
• the American West and/or Western films
• the 2008 economic crisis
• parallel universes
• doppelgangers and avatars
• the atomic bomb
• the supernatural
• mythology & spirituality
• representations of gender and race in season 3

We welcome papers from the fields of television and film studies, art history, literature, sociology, psychology, gender studies, religious studies and fields in the arts, humanities, and sciences. Panels in both English and French will be organized during the conference weekend, June 19-20, 2021.

While it is expected that papers will reference earlier seasons of Twin Peaks and/or David Lynch’s filmography, please keep in mind that the focus of this conference is the third season of Twin Peaks. Therefore, papers dedicated exclusively to the first two seasons of the series or the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me will not be accepted.

Abstracts (in English or French) of 300-500 words, accompanied by a C.V. will be accepted until December 1, 2020 at:

Notification of the conference program will be sent by January 15, 2021.

Conferences will be limited to 20-minute presentations.

Conference organizers: Franck Boulègue (Associated Scholar – University of Liège & author of Twin Peaks: Unwrapping the Plastic), Marisa C. Hayes (Sorbonne Nouvelle – Université Paris 3, film & co-editor, Fan Phenomena: Twin Peaks), and Roland Kermarec (founder & curator of Lynchland (, with additional assistance from Matt Zoller Seitz.