Subverting Traditions in the Maghreb Through Literature and the Cinema

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September 30, 2020
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Yasmina Nagnoug Mejai / University of London Institute in Paris
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NeMLA 2021 CONVENTION (11-14 March)

Call for Papers for a panel on the Maghreb: ''Subverting Traditions in the Maghreb through Literature and the Cinema''

Panel description:

This session proposes to discuss the multi-layered region of the postcolonial Francophone Maghreb, composed of Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco, through the study of literary texts and films by contemporary Maghrebi writers and filmmakers. In view of the successive socio-political crises that these three Maghrebi countries have experienced since their independence from France, it examines the various changes and tensions within these societies from a socio-political, cultural, linguistic, religious, feminist and nationalist point of view. This panel is particularly interested in analysing different forms of subversion employed to counter a hegemonic discourse based on diverse patriarchal traditional societies that are facing challenges in moving into modernity.

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Deadline approaching: 30 September 2020


Chair: Yasmina Nagnoug Mejai, Independent Scholar in French and Francophone Studies.