Strengthening Connections: Teaching and Writing in Secondary and Post-Secondary Classrooms

deadline for submissions: 
October 31, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
The Wisconsin English Journal

In a time of unrest and division, the WEJ is interested in strengthening connections. While the WEJ remains focused on student writing in high school, community college, and university environments, it is also crucial for scholars to consider the transition from secondary to post-secondary education and how instructors at each level can work with students who are developing writing expertise. To that end, the WEJ would like to welcome submissions on a variety of related topics:

Related topics include (but are not limited to):
* Architecture of writing programs
* Assessment of student writing
* Placement of students in writing courses
* Influences of “end of grade” testing on student thought processes
* Efficacy of AP college preparatory programs
* Integration of technology and new media in the writing classroom with an emphasis on preparedness for college-level courses
* Models for (and connections between) writing instruction in the secondary and post-secondary classroom
* Prosperity in an era of COVID, budget cuts, and faculty reduction
* Curricular exchange: sharing expectations of writing programs in high schools, community colleges, and universities
* Photography and artwork showcasing interdepartmental connections

We also remain interested in a variety of projects on a range of topics related to the improvement of instruction in all the English language arts at all grade levels—elementary through college—and welcome the submission of projects that are of interest to literacy educators. We are also accepting book reviews, artwork, poetry, flash fiction, and other modalities at this time. View our submission guidelines by visiting our website: