Haunted Nature: The Cultural Work of Haunting

deadline for submissions: 
October 1, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Sladja Blazan

We are looking for 2 more articles for a collection of essays on "Haunted Nature", preferably from an indigenous perspective but other topics are welcome as well. The collection is a study of human entanglements with nature as seen through the mode of haunting. Together, the essays demonstrate how haunting and being haunted can elucidate our troubled relationships with our natural environments. Seen as an interruption of the present by the past, hauntings address contemporary anxieties concerning human involvement in the transformation of natural environments and their ecosystems, and our complicity in their collapse. Working at the intersection of environmental and gothic studies, leading experts and emerging scholars join in discussion of new and existing theories and frameworks for understanding the ever-changing relations between humans and their natural environments. The essays demonstrate how the growing field of the ecogothic—a fusion of ecocritical and gothic inquiry—is perfectly suited for addressing questions of agency, awareness, and autonomy in human relations with the natural world.