CFP: Journal of Crime and Society

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October 31, 2020
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Journal of Crime and Society

Deadline: October 31, 2020The Journal of Crime and Society
Perspectives on Crime Statistics: January 2021 edition

The Journal of Crime and Society is seeking original, previously unpublished articles for the inaugural January 2021 edition. The theme of this edition concerns various perspectives on crime statistics—how they are used, misused, exploited, and censored. Studies that examine common misperceptions and appeal to both an academic and general audience are highly desirable.

For the upcoming issue about Perspectives on Crime Statistics, some topics include, but are not limited to:

  • censorship of crime data and statistics
  • aesthetics and visualization of crime statistics
  • crime data narratives, storytelling, and myth-making in news and social media
  • statistics as (false) justification for “numerified” and “quantified” political decision-making
  • how crime and victimization data are integrated or ignored
  • (in)valid use of crime and population data and statistical comparisons
  • how crime statistics reveal or conceal the truth about victimization, criminal behavior, and law enforcement
  • other pertinent topics of interest to a mixed academic and general audience regarding crime data and statistics

Submissions must follow APA 7 style.

Please send abstracts (about 500 words) for your proposed paper—and a brief bio to:

The Journal of Crime and Society is published in partnership with Law Officer, and abstracts of accepted papers will be published on and throughout its nearly social media network of nearly 2 million followers.

The Journal of Crime and Society (JOCAS) focuses on thought-provoking studies about crime and society—and the dynamics of law enforcement in between.
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