Need additional chapters for “Posthuman Animals"

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October 15, 2020
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Dr. Krishanu Maiti
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Need additional chapters for “Posthuman Animals" ***deadline for abstract:September 30, 2020    

Need additional chapters on

“Posthuman Animals: Readings in Literary and Cultural Texts”

***If interested, send us an email ASAP.

This book will offer Posthumanist readings of animal-centric Literary and Cultural texts. The contributors should take positions that put the precepts and premises of humanism into question after considering the animal presence in texts seriously. By implicating of the ‘animal turn’ for the field of literary and cultural studies, this book urges to problematize the separation of the human from other animals and rethink the hierarchical order of beings through close readings of select texts. It offers some fresh perspectives of Posthumanist theory so that we can revisit those criteria that created species’ differences from the early ages of human civilization. This book constitutes a rich and thorough scholarly resource on the politics of representation of animals in literature and culture. The essays in this book will be empirically and theoretically informed and explore a range of dynamic, captivating, and highly relevant topics within the Posthumanist brand of Animal Studies.

We encourage potential writers to contribute essays on these particular areas-

1. Animals in Asian literature (Anglophone)

2. Animals in films

3. Animals in Performative arts

4. Animals in religions (other than Christianity)

5. Animals in fables

6. Animals in mythology

7. Animals in paintings

Please submit abstract proposals of 250-300 words and bio-note ASAP.

Note: author must have a Ph.D. to match the requirement of the publishing house. 

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***The turnaround for the completed essay will be quick but negotiable, as all other contributors’ essays have been submitted and reviewed at this time.