Maya: A Narrative on Female Pandemic Life

deadline for submissions: 
November 30, 2020
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Guha and Bera
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Maya, a print volume of creative writings in English with ISBN, invites original and unpublished pieces of literature that must dwell upon the realities of a woman’s life during this corona pandemic. In mirroring the true nature of her experiences and responses to it, the collection proposes to be an indispensable narrative of the feminine sensibilities, the ups and downs of the female life vis-à-vis this crisis.

From the global perspective, the pandemic is a story of infection as well as of despair. It is a tale scripted to challenge man’s sense of superiority on the earth, and to assert human helplessness. To put it in a different way, it is a saga of fractured faith and a tattered society. At the level of individuals, it is a story of struggle and pain, of stress and strain, more so for the females who are often believed to be more vulnerable. A deep sense of uncertainty fuelled by this pandemic has bought darkness to every human space, but this darkness is probably much darker for the females. Ransacking their metaphysical space, this pandemic as an unexpected intruder has posed a mighty threat to the psychological existence of womenfolk. However, everything around is hardly black and bleak. Rather, on the other side of the coin, it is also a story of their struggle to turn around, to fight back. If the struggle is much harder for them, their return is also spectacular. The proposed book intends to capture both these contrastive sides in order to construct a faithful narrative of the life of the fair sex during the pandemic and in the aftermath. It is to bring forth their miseries and distress on one hand, but their struggle or retaliation against the pandemic too, on the other hand.


We invite contributions to this volume that will accommodate creative pieces of literature from different genres, e.g. short story, (auto-)biographical sketches, poetry, drama (preferably one-act play), essays, anecdotes, and so on, that should invariably address any of the aspects of female experiences, as discussed above. Works of the translation may also be considered for publication provided they fulfill other requirements. The length of the submitted piece is expected never to exceed eight thousand (8000) words.

Any query or the final submission (in MS word format only) along with a short introduction to the contributor should be mailed to

Submission deadline:

The 30th of November, 2020.