Call for Research Articles and Creative Writings - The Contour (ISSN 2349-6398)-An International Peer-Reviewed Online Journal Of Studies In English | ESTD 2014

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October 31, 2020
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The Contour (ISSN 2349-6398)- An International Peer-Reviewed Online Journal Of Studies In English | ESTD 2014

Recently we all must have noticed that there had been numerous memes doing rounds on social media platforms acknowledging, albeit in sarcastic ways, the role of the Covid-19 virus in teaching mankind some of the most-neglected values of life heretofore.  Such cultural texts with their nuanced sub-texts have been rapidly gaining access to our lives and activities as the subsidiary effects of this present pandemic situation. However, the pandemic is not something new to human civilization. There are references galore in various literary and non-literary texts of its sweeping destructive force before. But this present threat from Covid-19 seems to be a kind of a shock to the anthropocentric worldview. There are several texts embedded in history, both near and far, that tell us of approaches from multifaceted perspectives to such threats to the world. So, why wait? Let’s start feeding on such issues that have been there already in our minds always prickling our fecund faculties.

As such, The Contour invites unpublished scholarly articles, poems, stories or reviews on books, movies or music on pandemic texts or dystopian world condition and our socio-psychological responses to it or on anything relating to it from across the world¬--- in whatever way you can hone your critical and creative acumen. However, you should not worry much if your contributions do not strictly follow anything pandemic and go far beyond its narrow periphery. We are also accepting contributions that do not fall under this particular category. But, please remember that the deadline is 31 October 2020.