EMERGENCY, My Friends!

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October 30, 2020
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ACLA conference
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https://acla.secure-platform.com/a/solicitations/2/sessiongallery/166 EMERGENCY, My Friends!
     Prevention measures during the response to COVID-19 have created a series of paradoxes as individuals are urged to self-isolate with their families. This retreat into the nuclear family or romantic couple both reinforced their political and economic importance as well as exposed their dysfunctions. As countries enter lockdown, online communities blossom, and along with them, conspiracy theories. While socially distancing, often advertised as protecting one’s community, people struggle to maintain loose ties to friends, colleagues, professional networks, while also tapping into those loose ties for political organizing and economic support.
    Meanwhile, for many people, those communities that one could count on for the mirage of stability dissipate: fire, hurricane, flood, earthquake, extreme heat, and many more environmental crises have uprooted communities. In the face of ongoing crises, it becomes especially clear the more-than-human communities that have been taken for granted, especially in the industrialized West, will no longer sustain relentless extraction and exploitation.
    This seminar is looking for theoretical, historical, and/or practical approaches to thinking about friendship and community in times of crisis; topics including but not limited to: national, religious, diasporic, online, indigenous communities; professional associations; activist groups; neighborhoods; gentrification; ecosystems; queer kinship; friendships; families; the more-than-human world.