ACLA 2021 Virtual Conference: Visions and Revisions of the State

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October 31, 2020
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This seminar aims to identify and investigate privileged genres in literature and film for the articulation and revision of state power in the Global North and South. In the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall, theorists hailing from a variety of disciplines prognosticated a state with significantly diminished powers. Whether despite or because of “governmentality”(Foucault, Brown), “Empire” (Hardt and Negri), “the network society” (Castells), or “regionalism” (Söderbaum, Kai), recent history and current events bear witness to the consolidation of state power, as well as states’ increasing willingness to violently repress perceived threats within and without their own borders. Wherein lies this power? What sanctions the exercise of it? What are the viable means of challenging the repressive power of the state or mitigating its effects? 

We welcome papers that address specific genres of literature or film that have emerged as privileged sites addressing such questions. How do certain aesthetic modes and narrative styles contribute to the state’s 21rst-century formation, sustenance, or resistance? How might they internalize, extend, and challenge state-prescribed norms and jurisdictions? How might they animate globalization’s restructuring of state power or herald an unfolding era of “de-globalization”? What is the state's role in ordering social relations and aesthetic practices? How do aesthetic practices reorder—make possible, visible, tangible—those relations?

Organized by Robin Blyn & Maria Bose

Deadline for papers is October 31, 2020 at 11:59PM. Please direct any questions to, and please see ACLA's submisson portal for more information: