Discourse and Rhetoric amid COVID 19 Pandemic: Dis/Articulating The ‘New Normal’

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November 1, 2020
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Rhetoric and Communications E-Journal
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Coronavirus disease with its global and local pandemic has been on the top agenda of Government leaders, scientists, health professionals, as well as on the daily headlines across journalistic media. New governmental measures, decrees, scientific recommendations, and sanitary campaigns  emerge everyday to combat or alleviate the pandemic which are endorsed and spread through mainstream media. On one hand, a new discourse and rhetoric has been articulated to create, support, and even impose a ‘new normal’ that reconfigures how human beings communicate, interact, and socialize in public and private spaces. On the other hand, the new normal has triggered responses from skeptics, ‘Covideniers’ and protesters who try to disarticulate it by polarizing and politicizing the coronavirus pandemic.

With this in mind, this Special Edition invites junior and senior scholars to collaborate with articles that explore and analyze the various languages, rhetorical strategies, and discourses used during the coronavirus pandemic in order to either articulate (e.g. construct, endorse, conform) or disarticulate (e.g. contest, deny, undermine) the ‘new normal’. This Special Edition looks forward to collaborations in the field of argumentative theory, critical/discourse analysis, rhetoric, critical sociolinguistics, communication studies, and others alike. 


  • We invite unpublished manuscripts that range from 3500 to 5000 words. 

  • Please submit final work to: journal.rhetoric.bg@gmail.com

  • Deadline: November 1st, 2020

  • For further submission guidelines, please visit our website:


Potential authors are encouraged to contact Dr. Andrea Valente (prof.acval@gmail.com) for their proposed study beforehand or for any questions regarding the Special Issue.