[ACLA CPF] Reverse: Impure Mediascapes and Epistemic Resistance

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October 31, 2020
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American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA)
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What do media and technologies mean for the colonized, racialized, and dehumanized? How do we interpret, use, or embody them in ways that go against the grain of colonial logic? How do we rewrite our histories decolonially by taking a close look at their materiality, representation, aesthetic form, and ontological structures? This seminar looks for media and technologies that reverse modern/colonial agencies and explore resistant subjectivity. We think of Leanne Simpson’s keen perception on the maps of “two-dimensional representations”: one is the colonial map that represents the colonial reality; another is the map that records alternative realities of pain, loss, and survival “alongside” the colonial one, embodied by the Nishnaabeg elders. We ask, how and what are the possibilities to subvert borders through mapping practices? How do border dwellers, liminal creatures, and transgressors challenge colonial identities to unveil complex colonial realities? We think of Maria Lugones’s ideas of mestizaje and multiplicity in rejecting the fragmentation that turns us into pure parts serving colonial control. We join Raka Shome’s manifesto to engage in differently situated epistemologies.

- Mobility, geographical significance, and border-crossing

- Mediascapes and literary/visual/sonic/tentacular technologies

- Impure/doubled identities under the intermeshed oppression

- Forms of epistemic disobedience and resurgence

- Decolonial futurisms

- Intercultural and transcultural flux



If you are interested in submission or have any questions, please write to Chia-Hsu Jessica Chang at jc30307p@gmail.com.


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