Sound, Voice, and Language in Decolonial and Planetary Frames, ACLA 2020 Seminar

deadline for submissions: 
October 31, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Praseeda Gopinath & Monika Mehta, Binghamton University
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Sound, Voice, and Language in Decolonial and Planetary Frames


Co-organizers:  Praseeda Gopinath and Monika Mehta

The abstracts are due on October 31, 2020.

Our panel places postcolonial scholarship in dialogue with sound and ecocriticism to extend our critical and historical understanding of voice. Building on the examination of dominant and silenced voices in postcolonial studies, this seminar considers an epistemic rethinking of voice, language, and sound in a planetary frame. De-centering humans from postcolonial projects in this way, enables us to examine post/colonial pasts, presents, and futures while foregrounding the planet. The seminar will think through the ways the interdisciplinary paradigm of sound and environmental studies allows us to attend to relationships between bodies (both human and non-human) and between bodies and the environment, opening up new ways of thinking about the body, community, and the self, especially in spaces that have been marginalized by national and global power. We are interested in exploring the relationship between sound, voice, the planetary and the Anthropocene in literature, film, and other media texts.
We invite papers on the following topics:
1) soundscape ecology
2) the relationship between human-non-human sounds and voice
3) voice and sound in climate resistance
4) imagining the sonic planetary subject
5) sound and bodies (human and non-human)
6) sonic communities and the natural world
7) rethinking “the natural” through sound
8) intersections of de/postcolonial studies and ecological studies
9) decolonial literacies, languages, and sounds

To apply for the seminar, please follow the ACLA instructions below.  You will need to submit the abstract on the ACLA website for it to be considered for the seminar.  If you have questions related to the seminar, please contact Praseeda Gopinath  <> or me (Monika Mehta  The abstracts are due on October 31, 2020.


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