ACLA 2021: Going Global: Shifting Knowledge, Recalculating Praxis

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October 31, 2020
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Amanda Gonzalez Izquierdo, Rutgers University
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ACLA 2021 Panel

Co-organizer: Francisco Lopez,


The political call that “another world is possible” desires an inauguration of an otherwise brought to the fore by Indigenous, Black, and people of color collectives engaged in a decolonial praxis to shift the geopolitics of reason and knowledge to disrupt, transgress and activate ways of knowing, thinking, and being. Such a project interrupts, to quote Catherine Walsh and Walter Mignolo, “the idea of dislocated, disembodied, and disengaged abstraction.” This panel invites papers that think from where they are positioned and engage in embodied analysis, understanding that a decolonial approach is place-based but not place-bound: it is provoked by a certain history and subjectivity but has no geographical limits. We welcome papers that touch on issues of spatiality, globality, geopolitics, or experience within a register of rethinking the possibilities for our world and the implication of rethinking our being-in-the-world. How does inaugurating a new world inaugurate new ways of being? What does globality mean when we think of a sphere of interacting possibilities? How does globality become a home for decolonial projects? We encourage thinking abstractly and/or concretely and to envision how an embodied hermeneutics affects events as material as Black Lives Matter or as ontological as Glissant’s “giving-on-and-with.” Our contingent condition of being in a world means we share it—this panel hopes to perform a sharing out of knowledge and practices.


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Deadline: October 31, 2020