Reception (monographic issue of the Romanica Silesiana journal)

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November 30, 2020
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University of Silesia
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CFP for the monographic issue Reception of the Romanica Silesiana journal


In literary studies the term “reception” entails both “reception studies,” which analyze how readers have been responding to a specific literary text, and Wolfgang Iser’s reader-response criticism. Iser examined how a dialogue takes place between the reader and the text, which made reception of texts a part of his theory. This concept of reception, however, is limiting; as a result, we suggest a wider perspective, which includes any creative reception and transformation of what has been received. The transformation is usually one into a new form, adjusted to the epoch in which the reception takes place. Reception can be ideologically, politically, and socially conditioned.

The monographic journal issue Reception is going to be published in French and in English. It will be focused on any creative reception of literary texts and texts of culture and demonstrate how writers and other artists receive and respond to other texts and works of art. In this monographic issue reception of literary conventions and of the whole literary periods remains in the focus of our attention.     

                We are interested in the contemporary literary and cultural responses to what has been observable in literature and culture. We are also inviting contributors to comment on the previous epochs. We would wish them to reflect on how the epochs and the literary conventions related to them were later received and reworked. It is timely to consider how, for example, antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the eighteenth century were “received” and “remade” in the later texts. Echoes of the nineteenth century in later literature also need some reflection.

We are welcoming contributions that could be related to returning to the following epochs:

-antiquity (classical culture in the later literary periods)

-the Middle Ages (medievalisms)

-Renaissance (e.g. echoes of pre-modern French literature or Shakespeare in the later epochs)


-the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

We would like to devote a separate section of the monographic issue to the question of literary reception in the twentieth and the twenty-first century.


The deadline for abstracts (200-300 words): 30 November 2020.

The deadline for texts: 30 April 2021.

Please submit the abstracts in English or French at the emails: