Re-imagining Writing Pedagogy in a Post-Truth Landscape

deadline for submissions: 
October 19, 2020
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NEMLA (Northeast Modern Language Association)

Call for Papers

In our “post-truth” landscape, where “fake news” and “alternative facts” abound as the world struggles to make sense of an ever-changing global pandemic, it can be challenging for students, especially those transitioning from high school to college, to grasp the standards for composing and proving accurate and verifiable arguments. At the same time, teaching students to evaluate sources, construct fact-based arguments, as well as sharpen rhetorical and analytical skills is more important than ever before.

This panel welcomes papers that address this topic from a range of theoretical and/or empirical perspectives. Possible topics include but are not limited to: new approaches for teaching students how to evaluate the quality of source material; pedagogy that centers on building awareness of different value systems and biases present in research findings; pedagogy/assignments that create(s) space for research that's not immediately relevant or fruitful; innovative methods for learning how to discern opinion-based writing; methods for integrating educational technology for teaching/producing valuable research.

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Please submit abstracts through the NEMLA website.

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