Special Issue "In the Beginning was the Word - The Word as a Technical Object" - journal "Technology and Language"

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December 21, 2020
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journal "Technology and Language"
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journal "Technology and Language"

Chief science editor Alfred Nordmann, Darmstadt Technical University


The theme of the special issue is related to the Word as a starting point in interdisciplinary studies of the relationship between technology and language. We propose to publish research by specialists in philosophy, philology, linguistics, history, art, computer science, logic and others.

 Special issue In the Beginning was the Word - The Word as a Technical Object  offers but not limited to the following topics:

- „The redeeming word“ known from fairy-tales, art, and romantic and spell magical thinking. Finding the right word might open doors, set us free, break a spell, effect a transformation

- Word as a key, password, trigger codes. Coding mechanisms (a secular version of the redeeming word)

- Naming as a technological activity. New words for new technologies. Eponymous technical terms. Сross-lingual term analysis.

- Word: from image to meaning (signs, signage, experiments with words in art (zaum, calligrams, etc.))

- Developing formal ontologies. Named entity recognition.

- Historical precedents of the transformation function of a word 

- Inceptions and conclusions: In the beginning was the word and the final word that seals a deal


We will be glad if your research is devoted to other aspects of the topic.

Full manuscripts should be submitted via email (soctech@spbstu.ru) no later than December 21th, 2020.

For more information about structure and word limit, please see: https://soctech.spbstu.ru/en/tech_requirements/

Technology and Language is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal

For any queries, please contact us at bylieva_ds@spbstu.rusoctech@spbstu.ru