Special Issue of Anonymous Thought

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January 1, 2021
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Postmodern Culture
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Call For Papers: Anonymous Thought

Postmodern Culture

deadline for proposals: January 1, 2021 to pomoculture@gmail.com



For a special issue or cluster within an issue, we seek not writing about anonymity, but anonymous scholarship. Various factors raise the question of whether a space for anonymous scholarly writing could be useful. These include the ascendancy of neo-fascism, with its real threats to honest research and livelihoods in universities internationally; pressures toward self-censorship during ever-increasing academic precarity; and anxiety in high-stakes fields and areas structured by strong polemics about the social consequences of even the most well-taken conflict. There may also be more positive reasons: although anonymous writing cannot be reviewed or rewarded institutionally, and so may not be desirable for assistant professors on a tight tenure clock, some of us, at any level, may want to know what we would write if our work were read carefully but not for a university's purposes. Therefore we invite, as an experiment, proposals and abstracts for unsigned essays and reviews on topics in contemporary theory, literature, and culture.

This is neither a call for formal experimentation nor an invitation to gratuitous personal reference. Articles and reviews should feel free to discuss writers and critics by name in the course of exploring lines of thought, social practices, or states of critical discourses for intellectual benefit--for the sake of interrogating concepts and performing institutional analyses. We encourage proposals from younger scholars who may have the impression that as it stands, they must wait their turn.

Articles and reviews will pass through the journal’s usual anonymous review process. Submissions are anonymized during review and their authors are only known to the editor and managing editor. They are read by members of the editorial board or, when the topic or the availability of board members requires it, by outside scholars. Proposals that fit the journal will be invited to submit full texts for review. If at this stage the author would like to name scholars who should not be readers (as professors can do for promotion reviews), we would be able to accommodate the author's wishes. As in the customary process, only the editor and managing editor will know the author's name; but this time it will not be published with the text and, like the name of a journalist's source, will never be released to any person or institution.

For this special issue or cluster of Anonymous Thought, please send an abstract or proposal to pomoculture@gmail.com by January 1, 2021.