“Shakespeare’s Difficult Pleasures: New Essays on Carnival, Philosophy, and Moral Agency in honor of Michael Bristol”

deadline for submissions: 
November 6, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
J. F. Bernard Champlain College

This collection aims to celebrate the work and influence of Michael Bristol by producing new scholarship on Shakespeare, early modern theater, and their enduring and complicated legacy in our modern world. Bristol’s criticism has left a profound impact on the fields on Shakespeare and early modern studies, in particular as it relates to questions of dramatic agency, theory and philosophy, to matters pertaining to the carnivalesque body, as well as to ideas of cultural production.


The collection thus picks up the gauntlet that Bristol himself lays out in Big-Time Shakespeare by offering essays seeking to validate “Shakespeare’s radically disembodied and culturally [and critically] promiscuous character” (90). Contributors should present chapters that nod to Mike’s influence (whether directly or indirectly) in their challenging, innovating or pushing of one or some of these topics towards new and productive critical pathways.


Send an abstract (300 words) and a short bio to J.F. Bernard, Associate professor of English at Champlain College by November 6th, 2020.