Announcing Aesthetics--The Film Poster as Intertextual Formation

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October 31, 2020
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ACLA-virtual conference
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Announcing Aesthetics: The Film Poster as Intertextual Formation in Theory and Practice
From the silent era to the virtual image, displayed in theaters, public sites and museum walls, the film poster--whether viewed as an illustrative, interpretive practice or as an industrial, commercial product-- possesses a distinct historical and aesthetic function. Not only does the film poster, as Genette might suggest, presentify and comment on the film narrative, functioning in an intertextual capacity, we contend that the film poster invites its audience inside and beyond its immediate framing and establishes an independent artistic, cultural identity. This seminar will examine the international and American film poster as a dynamic formation in both theory and practice, as a vital, ongoing component of film history. Now playing at a conference for you.  This is an ACLA panel. Please send any inquiries and a presentation title, along with a 300-350 word abstract to both:

Gary D. Rhodes,
Robert Singer,