Genocides, Deportations and Massacres: Experiences, (hi)stories and interpretations

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November 7, 2020
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GIRES-Global Institute for Research Education & Scholarship
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Genocides, Deportations and Massacres: Experiences, (hi)stories and interpretations
International Conference 
14-15 November 2020(Zoom sessions:2 days-Virtual platform:5 days) 

Thematic Approach

The  new International Conference,orgnized by GIRES-Global Institute for Research, Education & Scholarhip, opens the discussion on a highly interesting and complex issue. We live in the most technologically advanced era in human history, offering the unique privilege of access to limitless knowledge and information. Despite the knowledge we have gained from the painful lessons of the past, in many ways we face challenges similar to those of previous generations.

In this conference we aim to analyze and discuss various mass atrocities including genocides, ethnic-cleansings, massacres, and forced deportations. We wish to explore the newest research on these topics, examine the past, analyze the present, and contemplate the future.

We hope to answer a spectrum of questions through exploration of their multiple aspects. What are the semantics and limitations in characterizing or labeling such cases? Are international organizations able to face such challenges, what is the role of the international community and how effective is it? What lessons can we learn from the past; what are the shared roots, causes and prospects? How is modern global citizenship shaped? Are equality and freedom in the 21st century only a faded dream?

GIRES, dedicated to interdisciplinarity, invites scholars from diverse fields including but not limited to philosophy, religion, theology, sociology, anthropology, history, literature, art, economics, geography, cultural and political studies along with representatives from think-tanks and organizations to contribute to the discussion and to debate these issues.


Proposed Topics (Lingua franca: English)

–    Genocides, ethnic cleansing and massacres in literature

–    Cinematic and photographic depictions of genocides and forced deportations

–    Arts and photography: portraying the unspeakable

–    Genocides and history and the formation of memory and identity

–    Non-profit organization and the quest of saving the unprotected peoples

–    United Nations and the World Court: actions and non-actions towards genocides

–    Victims and Perpetrator, The next day: Phycology and Psychiatric analysis

–    Saving the memory: Oral history and archiving and saving history

Proposed Formats 

*Individually submitted papers (organized into panels by the GIRES committee)
*Panels (3-4 individual papers)
*Roundtable discussions (led by one of the presenters)
Our proposed topics & formats are not restrictive and we invite additional germane ideas.
Due to the restrictions of Corona Crisis our event (for the time being) will take place virtually

Publication Opportunity
The Organizing Committee and GIRES Press wishes to publish the most powerful and dynamic presentations of the conference and include them in a collective volume in the form of short articles and/or long essays. For more information please contact us. 

*Submit your proposal through the online registration form on our website: