Submissions Invited - South Asian Literature and Culture

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November 30, 2020
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SINDHU: Southasian INter-Disciplinary HUmanities

Sindhu: Southasian INter-Disciplinary HUmanities

A Concept Note


Sindhu is an independent academic space for scholars working on South Asian concerns to share their work on new and unconventional themes with a contemporary approach and views that are not necessarily supported by established institutions and academic publications. This journal focuses on the gap between dissenting voices and the establishment in academia in all the South Asian nations. It intends to become a platform for encouraging researchers working on redefining research questions pertaining to South Asia. It also aims to expand the academic discourse within South Asia by including significant research being conducted on South Asia outside the region so as to let the international work become a part of the regional discourses too.


One of the objectives of the journal is to bring focus on regional identities and issues within South Asia by promoting research on smaller communities and local social phenomena. It aims to promote research and visibility to themes and concerns that can be useful for other South Asian scholars working on similar topics in their geographical and/or cultural space.


Sindhu intends to encourage inquiry into the particular, regional issues of South Asia. Though the title corresponds to one geographical sub-region within South Asia, the journal is a means for bringing together research from all over in South Asia and beyond.


A peer-reviewed international journal, Sindhu aims to publish articles, responses to articles, and review essays.



Submissions that take South Asian literature, history, culture, and popular culture as subjects of inquiry are invited. Contributions from various disciplines in social sciences and humanities are welcome. Articles must identify new perspectives of looking at issues pertaining to political and physical geography of South Asia, and relate them to issues and debates about identity/community, politics/representation, transnationalism/transculturalism, border studies, gender/sexuality, economy/policy, urban/rural binary, cultural/human geography, physical/digital environment, post/colonialism, languages/literature, art/culture, medical/digital humanities, disability studies, museums/heritage, film/media studies, history/philosophy of science, and critical/social theory. 


Review essays on books, art exhibitions, films, and digital works must locate a work being reviewed in the larger context of ideas and debates around the areas mentioned above.


Frequency of publication: Quarterly


Language of publication: English 


Format of publication: Online & Open Access


Fees: No fees will be charged to publish in this journal. No fees will be paid to the authors if their contributions are published.


Deadlines: Submissions are accepted throughout the year.


Submission Guidelines:

Word Limit

The recommended length for articles is 4000-8000 words while the same for review essays is 1000-2000 words.


Permissions for Images

Do arrange for the permissions to carry/reproduce any visuals.



Send your submissions to In the covering letter, declare that the article/review has not been published elsewhere or submitted elsewhere for consideration for publication. Attach 2 documents. The first document should have an abstract of not more than 300 words. Add up to 5 keywords. Include author’s name, designation, institutional affiliation, and a short bio not of up to 100 words. The second document should have the article/review. Omit any details that identify the author.


Citation Style

All submissions must be written as per the latest edition of MLA style. 


Use in-text citations with a list of works cited at the end. Endnotes to be used sparingly and only when providing explanatory notes regarding sources.