ALA 2021 Boston Panel Proposal: Changing Perspectives: Adjusting American Literature Lenses

deadline for submissions: 
December 15, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Robyn Johnson
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ALA (American Literature Association) 2021 Boston Panel Proposal

Panel Title: Changing Perspectives: Adjusting American Literature Lenses


Due to the Covid Lockdown this past year, the ALA 2020 conference was canceled. However, we have been informed that a 2021 conference will be held in Boston. To help reconcile the lost panels from this year's canceled conference, the ALA has reached out and offered for those panels that were accepted to reply. While this panel was accepted for the 2020 conference, we have since then lost one of our presenters. Therefore, we would like to extend an invite to anyone interested in joining our panel. Our panel description is:

Literature is powerful for many reasons, but one of its most significant abilities is to influence readers' perspectives. In this panel, presenters will address texts which propose a different perspective on socio-cultural issues than others of their time or examine texts through perspectives that have not yet been approached. In doing so, not only is the power of these texts emphasized, but new avenues of interpretation and discussion are opened.  By altering our own viewpoint, presenters aim to dive deeper into the layers of the texts and provide a change of perspective for all. 


Panel submissions are due January 1st to the ALA, so please submit your proposal to me with a short bio, your email, and university affiliation by December 15th. All those components are required for the ALA panel proposal submission. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, Robyn Johnson.


Robyn Johnson

University of California Riverside