Crossroads of Emergency: Modern Dystopias and Imminent Futures

deadline for submissions: 
March 1, 2021
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Jade Kai / Stony Brook University
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Crossroads of Emergency: Modern Dystopias and Imminent Futures, April 23rd 2021

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Stony Brook University

Spring 2021 WGSS Graduate Virtual Conference

Call for Proposals


Will the 2020s be a decade of liberation? We are still battling a life-threatening global pandemic. The earth, the land, and skies remain victim to human capitalism and consumption. Our queer, trans, Indigenous, Black, brown, immigrant, and undocumented loved ones continue to bear the brunt of state-sanctioned colonial violence. Many have joined uprisings in which some advocate for systemic reform, some revel in the privilege of stagnancy, and others do what it takes to burn it down and begin anew. We are existing at a crossroads of emergency.

The WGSS conference committee at Stony Brook invites you to join communities of scholars to explore issues related to the crossroads of power and struggle that marginalized communities face, present ideologies and strategies of living and resisting, and contribute ideas and methodologies that promote decolonial futures.

This being an interdisciplinary conference, we welcome all proposals with reference to the conference theme ‘crossroads of emergency,’ and encourage paper presentations, performances, creative writing, and short film submissions that center the following:

  • Sexual and reproductive (in)justice
  • Organizing, activism, and social movements
  • Migrant trajectories and im/mobility regimes
  • Contagion, race, and gender
  • Indigenous sovereignty
  • Disability, access, and health
  • Decolonizing futures
  • Queer futurity
  • Environmental issues

Below are some guiding questions and critical issues to help us generate robust conversations:

  • What are the crossroads we must reckon with to materialize sustainable, people-centered, anti-fascist futures?
  • What modes of organizing and communal aid are being utilized in this time of intersecting crises?
  • How will the crossroads of emergency we face (re)organize our futures?
  • What are the potential ‘otherwises’ we strive for, and how might we attain them in this current state of affairs?
  • How can we offer decolonial alternatives to global imaginaries characterized by neoliberalism?

The conference committee at WGSS Stony Brook looks forward to receiving your abstract of 200-250 words by March 1st 2021 at 5 pm EST!