Special Issue of Lamar Journal of the Humanities: American Countercultures

deadline for submissions: 
February 1, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Pam Saur/Lamar Journal of the Humanities
contact email: 

The Lamar Journal of the Humanities, an interdisciplinary journal, invites papers for its Spring 2021 Special Issue on American Countercultures. 

Papers are welcome that contribute new insights into American movements, in society or as reflected in literature, film, and art, that have run “counter” or against mainstream ideas and values. Examples are nineteenth-century utopian communities, non-conformists of the “Jazz Age” or “Roaring Twenties,” Beat poetry and lifestyles of the 1950s, and “hippies” of the 1960s and 70s. Landmark films include “Rebel without a Cause” (1950), “The Wild Ones” (1954) and “Easy Rider,” 1964. Consideration will also be given to studies that analyze other American religious, political, or ideological sub-cultures as countercultures.

The Lamar Journal of the Humanities appeals to a general academic readership, so articles should be accessible to a general educated audience. Statistical articles are not encouraged but will be considered. Articles are accepted in English, Spanish, French, and German.

Manuscripts should not exceed 6000 words and should conform to the MLA Handbook or the Chicago Manual of Style. The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2021.

Please email your submission as an attached Word document to Dr. Pam Saur at pssaur@lamar.edu