FORUM: New Feminist Research Ethics: EOIs sought

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December 15, 2020
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Australian Feminist Studies

Australian Feminist Studies, a peer-reviewed journal published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis is seeking expressions of interest for contributions to a planned forum devoted to the topic of ‘New Feminist Research Ethics’.

We anticipate publishing wide-ranging sets of ideas that capture the current and emerging challenges and opportunities for feminist researchers.

Contributions may engage generally with questions concerning feminist research ethics or they may offer a reflection on a specific research project or activity.While the expectation is that contributions will be scholarly in orientation, less conventional provocations and manifestos are also welcome. All submissions will be peer-reviewed as per the journal’s policies.

Contributions can be between 1,000 words and 5,000 words. Co-authored and multiply-voiced pieces are welcome.


Potential areas for consideration include but are not limited to:

• What is the place of the ethical in feminist research?

• What does it mean to be a generous scholar?

• What hierarchies of privilege dictate who gets to be a feminist researcher?

• Do we need to revisit the question of where feminism is situated in research: does it reside in the politics and commitments of the researcher? in the questions posed? In the conduct of research? In the research process? In the impact research has? What of feminism’s multiplicities?

• What ethical relationships exist or should exist between feminist research and feminist activism? How are these relationships changed or challenged in #BLM times?

• How does one operate as an ethical feminist researcher in an academy governed by research quality assessment exercises, journal impact factors and competitive grant schemes?

• How do particular understandings of feminist research ethics sit alongside formal university ethics clearance processes? How to integrate feminist ethics in such processes?

• What does a feminist politics of citation look like?

• What urgent social, political and environmental challenges facing the planet demand new ethical sensibilities and/or new ethical priorities from feminist researchers? Are those challenges figured differently for differently located women and feminists?

• Are new technologies creating new ethical dilemmas for us as feminist researchers and for feminist research? Are those dilemmas figured differently for differently located women and feminists?

• Do transformations to data and data storage demand reworkings of feminist understandings of ethical data use? What does a feminist data ethics look like?

• How can the Open Science movement be beneficial for feminist scholarship, and vice versa?

• What ethical dispositions are required of feminist researchers in an era of ‘fake news’ and rejection of science?

• How do we bring the embodied differences of feminist researchers into the ‘body-less’ dominant notion of doing research and producing knowledge?

• What new proposals might we develop from a feminist ethics that works with multiple perspectives and draws from other traditions of knowing? What place might an ethics of care and repair hold in this context?

• What might a feminist research ethics that acknowledges and works with colonial difference look like?

• When is it ethical to speak out as a researcher? When is it ethical to remain silent?

• What does respectful revisiting and reworking of earlier feminist insights look like?



Your expression of interest (300 wds max) should indicate what question(s) or issues you wish to address and the proposed length of your submission. Dot points can be used. Please include contact details and a 2 line bio note.


Expressions of interest are due by 15 December 2020.

Full submissions are due on 2 April 2021.

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