Comparitive South Asian Cultural Studies

deadline for submissions: 
January 1, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
South Asian Foundation for Advanced Studies. (Nepal)
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The proposed anthology aims to compile essays from various disciplines in the field of South Asian Studies. The compilation introduces an academic discourse on cultural studies about the region. Cultural Studies is predominantly contemporary in focus in its academic orientation. Contemporaneous is also about how the past appears in its very connections with the present ideas and facts. In the context of the above propositional statements the focus of the book is about the nature of Cultural Studies in South Asia. Since Cultural Studies is a plural and contested area of study, the discipline in South Asia needs theoretical interpretive mechanism to study culture and its nuances like Margin, Gender, Pop Culture, Politics, Religion, Nation, Globalization, and Postcolonial discourses. These nuances are included as chapters in the book. Theories provide explanation, reveal and analyze nature and role of facts and ideas by functional and methodological ways so as to study them within possible patterns of understanding. Such patterns are necessary because to study the vastness of Cultural Studies in South Asia, some distinct proposed notables may provide a platform for the students and teachers to initiate discussions, and at the same time enlarge and improvise on the subject matters of the proposed anthology. 

We include papers that with critical insights into South Asia as a region without cartographic rigidity. Papers should focus on the issues of connectivities, discontinuities, similarities and differences among subcultures and regionalisms. Full Papers are especially invited from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bhutan and Maldives.