REMINDER: Crossroads Digital Humanities Contest

deadline for submissions: 
March 27, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Humanities Center / Nova Southeastern University
contact email: 

The Digital Humanities Crossroads Contest invites undergraduate and graduate students to showcase their Digital Humanities research at the Crossroads Humanities Student Conference. This contest encourages students to develop the academic and professional skills necessary to navigate and participate as active contributors in modern day networks of information and digital literacies.

Eligibility: Those participating in the 3rd Annual Crossroads Humanities Student Conference: "Networks" (April 10, 2021) are eligible to submit their conference research to this contest. Projects may employ digital tools to annotate and translate texts, classify and organize information, analyze and visualize data, generate interactive texts and art, collaborate content with the public, and more. We encourage the use of digital tools, like Voyant, Palladio, Gephi, Scalar, Omeka, ArcGIS, etc. The contest also invites students to code original apps and programs that may be used in the humanities. All conference participants will be invited to attend a workshop in February introducing digital humanities tools. Submitted projects should speak to the Crossroads Conference 2021 theme, “Networks.”

Completed project submissions must be sent to Dr. Aileen Miyuki Farrar, Director of NSU’s Humanities Center ( no later than March 27.

Awards: Top three contestants will be awarded on April 10, during the 2021 Crossroads Humanities Student Conference ($200 for first place; $100 for second place; $50 for third place).