Crossroads: The Risks of Making Choices

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February 21, 2021
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The Acacia Group at California State University, Fullerton

"Crossroads: The Risks of Making Choices"

Virtural Conference: April 16th-17th


"Each decision we make closes off a series of possible alternatives. What happens if we try to make several contradictory decisions at once and keep them separate, in open series? A political life, an academic life, an emotional life, family life, sexual, religious, all of which may have diffuse (not to say clandestine) relationships between them" Ricardo Piglia, The Way Out (258)       


At times, we reach a crossroads where we must make a choice. We are confronted with multiple paths without the option of turning back. When confronted with having to make such decisions, it is critical to weigh the risk involved in these choices. The concept of risk, the potential for dangerous outcomes, can make us uncertain of the choices we make. When evaluating multiple choices, we must assess any potential consequences that might follow as a result. These consequences can occur individually and/or systemically. From daily choices such as what to eat, to life-changing decisions such as choosing between leaving or staying at a job, we must consider the risks and rewards of each choice. How do we evaluate our choices in light of the risk? How do we determine what is too risky of a move to make? What do we do in situations where we are forced to make choices despite the risk involved? 


For this year’s conference, we are looking for academic presentations from both graduates and undergraduates that will explore the ways we make choices and the risks that are associated with these choices. Below are some suggested topics and questions that are related to our theme: How can our choices affect us economically? What risks do we face when making decisions for our economic benefit? How is our environment affected by our choices? What are the consequences of these decisions? What knowledge do we depend on when making choices? What does it mean to be aware of the risks and intentionally ignore them when making decisions? How are we defined by our choices? Are we ethically obligated to make certain decisions over others considering the potential risks involved?


Submitting Abstracts


For academic presentations, please send a 200 to 300 word abstract as a .doc or .pdf attachment to by February 21st, 2021. In your email, please include your name, institution, and academic standing (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral student, or independent scholar). Please include a brief bio of up to 50 words. Each presentation will be given up to 10-15 minutes. If your abstract is accepted, you will be asked to confirm your commitment to attend the conference and, ten days before the conference, to email a draft or outline of your presentation to your panel coordinator. 


To propose a panel, please send a 200 to 300 word panel explanation as a .doc or .pdf attachment, including its title, topic, and format, as well as the abstracts for each presentation, listing each presenter’s name, institution, and academic standing (see above).


*Please note, this year's conference will be completely virtual. As such, it is free to apply and present*