Hindsight 2021: Echoes of Uncertainty and Possibility

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January 8, 2021
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University of Maryland Graduate English Organization
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Hindsight2021 Echoes of Uncertainty and Possibility 

Call for Proposals: 14th Annual Graduate English Organization Conference

Hindsight: Echoes of Uncertainty and Possibility

Department of English University of Maryland March 19-20, 2021

Living through a pandemic calls up ideas of trauma, plagues, social upheaval, and similar historical events. Such events force us to confront the uncertainty of what is to come and the precarity of our lives and societies. The liminality of these moments also invokes a sense of potential. The opportunity to process trauma — to revise, rebuild, and/or abolish social structures and institutions begets social movements and protests. It asks us to question the possibilities of these potentialities. Hindsight promises the ability to look to past trauma and recover from it; but more often than not we repeat injustices, complicating the efficacy of hindsight in processing trauma. We seek to bring together experiences of brokenness and potential across time periods, genres, and cultures.

Potential projects might explore —

  • Occurrences of internment, such as: Japanese internment, the Holocaust, imprisonment at
    the border, re-education camps in China, etcetera
  • Social justice movements including: Black Lives Matter, the Civil Rights Movement, LGBTQ
    rights, Women’s rights, Reproductive Justice/Rights, etc.
  • Historical occurrences of plagues, pandemics, removal of bodily autonomy and rights
  • Literary approaches/analyses of world crises
  • Literature as protest, expression, and activism
    Proposal topics may include, but are certainly not limited to:
  • Activism/Social Justice Reform, Policy
  • Historical and/or Cultural Narratives
  • Speculative Approaches and Futurism
  • Digital Studies
  • Rhetoric and Composition
  • Literature and Film
  • Genre Studies

For paper proposals or creative submissions, please submit a 250-300 word abstract or summary of creative work. For panel proposals, including roundtables or nontraditional panels, submit an abstract of no more than 500 words. Please
include your preferred email and full name. Send all submissions to conference.geo@gmail.com no later than January 8.


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