Call for a Keynote Speaker - Franklin College (IN) Intercultural Honors Experience Symposium

deadline for submissions: 
January 11, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
George Micajah Phillips / Franklin College

Call for a Keynote Speaker - Franklin College Intercultural Honors Experience Symposium 


Deadline: Jan. 11, 2021


Each spring Franklin College holds our Intercultural Honors Experience (IHE) Symposium. The event is the culmination of a spring undergraduate research course and features student presentations of their original research to the campus community. The event is also marked by a keynote presentation from a dynamic speaker engaged in research related to the course topic. We are seeking candidates for our spring 2021 symposium. This year’s course topic will be Left Exposed: Risk, Vulnerability, & Identities


Speakers from all academic and professional backgrounds working on this topic are encouraged to apply for the keynote speaker opportunity. In an effort to remain flexible given possible restrictions on spring events stemming from COVID-19, the IHE faculty team especially invites local researchers to apply. Successful speakers in the past have demonstrated expertise in the subject area, experience working with students from a small liberal-arts college, and a willingness to engage directly with student researchers. 


This year’s topic and course description:

The Spring 2021 course, Left Exposed: Risk, Vulnerability, & Identities, will center on a few central questions. Who is considered vulnerable or at risk in a community? What strategies have cultures and societies created to take care of their vulnerable or at-risk members? This course will focus on how the topics of risk and vulnerability help shape the identities of individuals, communities, and nations in the United States, Europe, and the Global South. Students will discuss several case studies associated with climate change, armed conflict, healthcare disparities, and capitalism using a multidisciplinary approach. They will address the origins of such disparities as well as the solutions that communities or governments have taken in order to address them. Students will use a variety of primary and secondary sources and they will also benefit from the presence of guest speakers in the classroom. 


Expectations and compensation of the selected keynote speaker include:

  • Attendance and presentation at the all-day Symposium event scheduled for May 7, 2021. 
    • Keynote speaker will be expected to be present at the Symposium event where students present their original research
    • Keynote speaker will be expected to present a 45-minute presentation of their research related to the course topic
    • While normally an in-person event, the college will make adjustments for a virtual event if needed.  
  • Possible class visits (2 maximum) during the spring term
    • These visits ideally would occur in-person but plans will be made in accordance with public health guidelines to accommodate virtual visits if necessary
  • Attendance at an end of class wrap-up discussion to allow students to review their research with the speaker
    • In the past, this discussion has occurred over a class dinner. Plans will be flexible based on event protocols directed to the college.
  • A $4000 honorarium will be paid to the Keynote Speaker following the event on May 7. 



Interested candidates should submit the following to Dr. George M. Phillips ( and Dr. Lourdes Hurtado ( by January 11, 2021:

  • 1-page overview of background with the subject area and intended keynote address focus
  • Confirmation of availability for the outlined schedule

Confirmation of the selected keynote speaker can be expected by late January.