Disability, Disease and Death

deadline for submissions: 
February 15, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Abhishek Chowdhury, Suman Banerjee

Invitation to contribute to a volume of critical essays
Proposed title: “Disease, Disability and Death”
(To be published by a reputed publisher)
Editors: Abhishek Chowdhury, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Chakdaha College
and Suman Banerjee, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Krishnagar Government College
Corresponding E-mail ID: disabilitydiseaseanddeath2021@gmail.com
Short Description of the volume:
Disability has been a medical matter for as long as human beings have sought to escape the stigma of death, disease and injury. But disability is not a physical or mental defect, rather a cultural and minority identity. To call disability an identity is to recognize that it is not a biological or natural property but an elastic social category both subject to social control and capable of effecting social change. The presence of disability creates a different picture of identity – one less stable than identities associated with gender, race, sexuality, nation and class – and therefore presenting the opportunity to rethink how human identity works.
Modern culture feels the urgent need to perfect the body. The goal of medical scientists is to give everyone a perfect body. One idea closely connected with this is that of the ideology of ability. In our society, ability is the ideological baseline by which humanness is determined. The lesser the ability, the lesser is the human being. The ideology of ability simultaneously banishes disability and turns it into a principle of exclusion. Unfortunately, ability is the supreme indicator of value when judging human actions, conditions, thoughts, goals, intentions and desires. If one is able-bodied, one is not really aware of the body. One feels the body only when something goes wrong with it.
Disability is an important issue that is widely misunderstood even today in India. Research has consistently found substantial social marginalisation of people with disabilities and a lack of sensitization and awareness in the general public. While several disability NGOs and activist groups have employed different strategies to break these stereotypes and bring about awareness, it is evident that their reach has been limited. This proposed volume would like to deal with this politics of disablement and the capitalist ideology behind it. Submissions may include but are not limited to the following topics:
1. Disability and Sexuality
2. Disability and Ethnicity
3. Disability and Mythology
4. Disability and Partition
5. Disability and Migration
6. Disability and Environmental Issues
7. Disability and Globalization
8. Disability, Identity and Language
9. Disabled, Diseased Body, Pandemic
10. Representing the Disabled Body in Literature, Popular Culture
11. Disability and New Media
Kindly submit an abstract (not more than 250 words) on any topic relevant to the theme of this edited volume by 31st of January 2021. The decision on acceptance or rejection of abstracts will be communicated by the second week of February. The accepted abstracts will have to be developed into full papers (3500-5000 words) and sent to the email id mentioned above by 31st of March 2021. Authors are requested to follow MLA 8th edition for in-text citation and bibliographic details.