FSAC Roundtable: Production as Critical Engagement

deadline for submissions: 
January 14, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Film Studies Association of Canada, at Congress
contact email: 


We are seeking two more participants for a roundtable on “Production as Critical Engagement” at FSAC’s 2021 conference. In this teaching-centred discussion, we want to hear about innovative pedagogical strategies that employ production (i.e., video essay, “master copy” art, collective annotation and film commentary, and other forms) to bridge film studies and film practice.


Such concrete methods of analysis are especially vital in this moment, when the shift to online teaching has dematerialized the traditional facets of film studies courses (screening, lecture/discussion).


Topics for discussion may include:


-       managing modest and accessible production exercises in film “studies” courses

(including teaching relevant practical skills: video editing, miking, etc.)


-       making as a means to understanding


-       variations on the video essay as “performative research” (Grant, 2016)


-       opportunities for collaborative making online,


-       navigating copyright issues and other practical matters


We’re open to other ideas related to pedagogy and production, and are ready to reshape the roundtable focus to accommodate proposals that expand the bounds of what we’re imagining here.

Interested participants can send a brief proposal (150-200 words) to gbrophy@ubishops.ca by next Thursday (January 14).