Body Studies Journal - Covid, BLM, and more

deadline for submissions: 
January 31, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
The Body Studies Journal / Cabrini University

The Body Studies Journal (, ISSN 2642-9772), a peer-reviewed, open access journal for the inter-/trans-disciplinary field of Body Studies, welcomes submissions for its third issue.  

Coronavirus, the brutal murders of George Floyd and so many other innocent Black people, and the Black Lives Matters movement have indelibly marked how 2020 will be recorded in history.  All of these revolutionary social, medical, cultural and historical movements intersect with the body.  The Body Studies Journal specifically invites papers that focus on the events of 2020.

Suggested topics include but are not limited to:  

  • Mental health, COVID-19, and the body 
  • Addiction treatment during the pandemic 
  • Protesting and police brutality 
  • Black Lives Matter Movement –local (US) and global (internationally)
  • Coronavirus, vaccines, and the body 
  • Physical distancing and social connectedness  
  • Video Technology and the body 

Please submit your contact information, abstract, and paper as a word document to Michelle Filling-Brown, Ph.D. at  Citation style must be APA, MLA, or Chicago (please use the style that is appropriate for the discipline of your paper).  The selected citation style must be indicated with your submission and strict adherence to the selected citation is the responsibility of the author.  Deadline for submissions: January 31, 2021.