Metamorphosis: Transformations across Time, Culture & Identity

deadline for submissions: 
February 8, 2021
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University of Glasgow College of Arts Postgraduate Conference

Metamorphosis: Transformations across Time, Culture & Identity (postgraduate conference, online, 1-2 June, 2021)


**please submit proposals via the form on our website - link below**


Metamorphosis refers to a dramatic change in the form, structure or character of an entity, distinctly characterised as a process whereby the old is subsumed, absorbed or self-devoured to provide the substance to forge the new—but how is this concept experienced in contemporary culture?

How does metamorphosis materialise in research practice, academia, social justice, or identity? What social, political or cultural forces engender metamorphosis, and how have these transformations been received? Is metamorphosis creative or destructive? Tangible or intangible? Abrupt or fluid?

Postgraduate researchers based in the arts and humanities, from any higher education institution around the world, are invited to submit proposals considering the many diverse and multifaceted interpretations of the concept of metamorphosis.

A special panel will be reserved for papers exploring the ways in which Covid-19 and other historical pandemics have induced collective metamorphoses, alongside a second special panel for contributions from new researchers, works-in-progress and poster presentations.

We welcome submissions based on, but not limited to, any of the below prompts or their elaborations:

  • Shapeshifting in mythology and the supernatural
  • Metamorphosis in literature and art
  • The evolution of language or visual semiotic systems across time
  • Understanding metamorphosis in the history of science
  • Inclusive or interdisciplinary research practices
  • Metamorphosis from above vs. mutual metamorphosis
  • Creation, destruction, social justice and identity
  • Adjusting past metamorphoses to fit a contemporary narrative
  • Covid-19, pandemics and collective metamorphosis

Researchers can participate in this conference in three different ways:

  • 15-minute papers
  • 5-minute papers, for which the organising committee particularly welcomes contributions from new researchers or works-in-progress
  • Digital posters

Please visit our website to submit a proposal through our online form:

The deadline for submissions is 8 February 2021. 

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