Embracing Differences: Communication, Culture and Social Justice

deadline for submissions: 
March 5, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Midland College Languages, Speech and Communication Department (Midland, Texas)
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2021 CFP:

Embracing Differences: Communication, Culture and Social Justice

Conference date: 16 April 2021

Location: Virtual

Full name of organization: Midland College Languages, Speech and Communication Department (Midland, Texas)

Contact person: Dr. William Christopher Brown, Ph.D.

Contact email: wbrown@midland.edu 

Due date for abstracts: 05 March 2021

Call for papers/abstracts:

Before endeavoring to develop cultural knowledge and awareness about others, we must first uncover and examine personal, social, and cultural identities. Guided self-reflection allows us to better understand how social group memberships inform who we are as we learn about others. Diversity and social justice training are tools to help individuals embrace cultural competence and sensitivity. As demographic changes continue across the nation, the role of higher education becomes increasingly more important in training students to embrace cultural diversity and social justice in preparation for entry into the workforce. Diverse teams provide a source of innovative thinking and a plethora of experiences that improve the likelihood of personal and organization success. This conference aspires to gain a greater understanding how communication can positively influence social justice and affect culture positively. Midland College seeks to provide a platform for scholars and non-academic professionals working with diversity initiatives to explore and connect through the topic Embracing Differences: Communication, Culture and Social Justice.

Topics include but are not limited to the following: 


  • · Classism
  • · Digital Divide in School and Work
  • · Education
  • · Gerrymandering
  • · Privilege
  • · Socioeconomic Status


Gender/Sexual Orientation 

  • · Gender
  • · Marital Status
  • · Sexism/Heterosexism
  • · Sexual Orientation
  • · Single Parents
  • · Transgender Rights

Non-normative Abilities 

  • · Ableism (paralysis, sight, sound, etc.)
  • · Cognitive Diversity
  • · Mental Health
  • · Neurodiversity


  • · Citizenship Status
  • · Cultural Diversity
  • · National/International
  • · Regionalism
  • · Social Justice



  • · Black Lives Matters,
  • · Criminal Justice
    • · Race

Social Issues 

  • · Ageism
  • · Linguistic Diversity
  • · Military Experience,
  • · Political/Ideological
  • · Religion
  • · Law


 Submission: please review the session categories below and identify which type of session track you are interested in submitting: 

  • · Proposal for an individual 15-minute presentation. If selected, the conference will include your presentation in a panel with other independently submitted proposals with a similar theme. 
  • · Proposal for a panel of multiple similar themed 15 minute-presentations. Describe the session, titles, presenters, and tentative time needed (subject to approval by the conference organizers). 
  • · Proposal for a roundtable of short presentations (10 minutes or fewer), conversation between participants, and Q&A with audience. 
  • · Proposal for a 50-minute session. Describe the session (Longer form presentation with Q&A? Workshop and Q&A with audience? Lecture-style presentation? Discussion-based session? etc.). The session can be individually lead or group lead. 

By 05 March 2021, submit a 300-word abstract, including references, to the following link: <https://midland.formstack.com/forms/diversity_conference>. 

Please direct any questions to Dr. William Christopher Brown at <wbrown@midland.edu>.