Institutional Identity, Literary Studies, and the Secular/Religious Divide (MLA 2022)

deadline for submissions: 
March 1, 2021
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Jack Dudley and Dave Wehner, Mount St. Mary's University
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This proposed special session roundtable invites reflections on the tensions and limits of teaching and studying literature at religious as well as secular universities and colleges. How do different institutional commitments and governing documents as well as campus cultures and constituencies implicitly and/or explicitly limit what can be taught and published at each kind of institution? What are these limits and how have scholars navigated, challenged, and/or adapted to them? What kind of institutional discursive spaces might be created between and beyond the secular/religious divide?

MLA, Washington, DC, 6–9 January 2022

200-word abstract and CV to Jack Dudley ( and Dave Wehner ( by 1 March.