(Re)thinking Europe. History. Literature. Culture. Arts - extended deadline

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July 15, 2021
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Dedalus: Journal of Comparative Literature

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(Re)thinking Europe

History. Literature. Culture. Arts



The idea of Europe and the place of literature and the arts in the construction of the European path have long been a central theme and the origin of ample bibliography. However, there have been rare moments of greater accuracy than this that we have gone through to rethink Europe, its roots, its tradition, its projected future. Literature, the arts, the different notions of culture that “Europe” has been weaving over time were determinant not only for the way in which, in the past, European identity was built and recognized, but also how it proposes to assert itself in the future. The urgency and the importance of this topic are therefore inevitable. In many periods, and in the last century in times of great political and cultural upheaval, it was in defense of the European spirit that many voices were raised against racist nationalisms and other forms of tyranny.


What is Europe? And what does it propose? Regarding culture, literature, and arts, what place do they take? What role do they play? What profile do they adopt? (Re)thinking Europe. History. Literature. Culture. Arts is a broad topic that certainly allows approaches from several points of views.


The deadline for submitting articles is July 15, 2021. Dedalus journal publishes articles written in Portuguese, French, English, Spanish, Italian, and German. The editorial board also accepts submissions of non-thematic essays and book reviews.


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