ALA 2021 Boston--Margaret Fuller Society: Women in the Nineteenth Century—Traveling, Writing, Speaking

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February 18, 2021
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Margaret Fuller Society
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Women in the Nineteenth Century—Traveling, Writing, Speaking



The writings of such women as Margaret Fuller, Catharine Sedgwick, Rebecca Cox Jackson, Betsey Stockton, Caroline Kirkland, Frances E. W. Harper, Eliza Potter, Susan B. Anthony, Ida B. Wells, and Anna Julia Cooper, to name only a few, show the wide range of women’s reasons for and responses to travel. This panel proposes to question ways of thinking about traveling, including theorizing as well as representations (or silencings) of travel in the writings of Fuller and other women travelers, especially women of color. Whether focused on genres traditionally thought of as travel writing or on other modes in which women wrote and spoke, we would like to interrogate how motivations, encounters, itineraries, geographical locations, traveling equipment, and audiences have shaped literary, cultural, and political expressions in Fuller’s works and in that of women of her century. We are especially interested in ways that race and class, as well as gender, might have impeded or influenced modes of traveling and modes of writing about it. By including writing by Fuller and 19th century women travelers, this panel aims to explore how these writers conceptualize travel, how they approach it as a topic, and how they respond to travel’s capacity to register physical and imaginative experiences, or to highlight or circumvent obstacles and impossibilities.


We welcome papers from scholars at any career stage. Paper proposals of 250-500 words and a short Vita should be sent to Sonia Di Loreto ( and Jana Argersinger ( by February 18, 2021. Please note if you will require A/V for your presentation.