John Singleton: The Soulful Auteur [Spring 2023 release]

deadline for submissions: 
October 22, 2021
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Joi Carr/Pepperdine University
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Call For Papers: John Singleton: The Soulful Director [Spring 2022 release]

Abstract Deadline Octboer 22, 2021

Manuscript Deadline November 30, 2021


Brief Description:  

John Singleton: The Soulful Director will traverse Singleton’s filmography, his creative voice and representative works. This book will provide an in-depth critical perspective on Singleton’s creative work as an auteur and his work as executive producer/producer from his critically acclaimed debut, Boyz N the Hood (1991) to his recent Snowfall TV Series (2019)The manuscript will examine Singleton’s creative impulse that is tethered to African American music and literature. How his creative voice—as a screenwriter-director to his role as an executive producer—is decidedly black.

The editor invites chapters from various disciplines/critical perspectives: theoretical, soci-political, theological, musicological, or film criticism. Chapters that interrogate the intertextuality of other related works of film, literature, and/or visual culture are welcome.  Explorations should consider the black vernacular aesthetic tradition and signifying, formal analysis (film), the audio/visual landscape of the film, masculinity, black female representation, race, or class as possible frames.

Chapter selections: Shaft (2000), Baby Boy (2001), Hustle and Flow (2005), Abduction (2011) or Snowfall: Original Pilot (2017),  

Please submit a 150-200 word abstract and a 100 word biography by October 22, 2021. If invited, chapters should be 5,000-7,000 including the end credits and by November 30, 2021. Submissions should conform to The Chicago Manual of Style

Direct all questions, correspondence, and submissions to editor Joi Carr (