Special issue on Patrick Leigh Fermor

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June 15, 2022
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            Viatica, the first French online journal devoted to travel writing, invites contributions for a special issue on Patrick Leigh Fermor in 2023.

Leigh Fermor’s travel narratives are of exceptional interest on many accounts, not least for what they reveal of the social structures of Central and Eastern Europe between the two wars and for his observations on the cultural and linguistic mosaic of that Mittleuropa which has fascinated so many travellers. He is also the author of books on the Caribbean, especially on Martinique (The Violins of Saint Jacques, 1953), and of course on Greece (Mani - Travels in the Southern Peloponnese, 1958 ; Roumeli, 1966). A well-known figure in Greece, where he set up residence, Leigh Fermor became famous there in 1957 with the film Ill Met by Moonlight, which relates the adventures of the group he led during World War 2 and their capture of German general Heinrich Kreipe. This travelling writer mastered the art of wandering, with a taste for fortuitous encounters along the way.


Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Leigh Fermor’s view of Central and Eastern Europe between the two world wars
  • Leigh Fermor and languages: between curiosity and philology
  • Leigh Fermor and frontiers, linguistic, ethnic, cultural
  • Leigh Fermor before Nicolas Bouvier – a sense of wonder before the world, the role played by the senses in travel and travel-writing
  • Questions of poetics – from travelling to travel-writing
  • Leigh Fermor’s Greece
  • Leigh-Fermor and monachism
  • The reception of Leigh Fermor in Britain and France
  • Leigh Fermor as a reader of classical literature
  • Leigh Fermor and cinema
  • Leigh Fermor as an SOE agent
  • The adaptations of Leigh Fermor’s works for the cinema or the opera.



Please send a title, a 500-word abstract and a short bio-bibliographical notice before June 30 2021 to






Applicants will be notified of acceptance or rejection by July 31. The completed papers, in French or English (about 40,000 signs, spaces included), will be due June 30, 2022, for publication in 2023.