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March 1, 2021
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Rising Asia Journal
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Rising Asia Foundation invites papers/proposals for its 2021 annual three-day foreign policy conference, “Asia Now: Asia 2050: The Making of a New Asian Order,” to be held as a webinar, from May 17-19, 2021. The deadline for submitting abstracts is March 1, 2021. Abstracts are to be submitted via email to both the co-chairs of the conference: Mr. Sitaram Sharma, and Dr. Harish C. Mehta,

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Submissions must include:

(a) Abstract: A 250-word abstract of the paper to be presented.

(b) Contact information: Full name, email address, rank, affiliation, and city/country.

(c) Paper Title.

(d) Discipline/s: Mention the discipline/s such as History or Literature or Economics, etc.

(e) Geographical Area: Mention the country/countries/regions of focus.


Peer Review and Acceptance:

 Abstracts will be peer reviewed by an appropriate Program Sub-Committee, and presenters will be informed about the results via email by March 30, 2021.

 There is no registration fee, in view of the pandemic.



The conference seeks to explore the foreign relations of Asia as they exist and to ponder their likely trajectories till 2050, in a broad sense. Foreign Relations is understood broadly as interactions between states (as well as between peoples and includes both formal and informal diplomacies. We aim to explore the future of Asia through a multidisciplinary approach to examine the disputes, the conflicts, and the hegemonies from multiple perspectives of history, literature, culture, the diaspora, indigenous communities, economics and international relations. Papers should focus broadly on the following themes (or on any theme of the paper presenter’s choice), looking as far ahead as possible through the creation of future scenarios:

• Land Border Disputes: Law, and History

• Maritime Border Disputes: Law, and History

• River Disputes and Resolution

• Economic Growth Prospects

• Asian Foreign Policy

• Grand Strategy

• Sub-regional Economies and Trade

• The Asian City in 2050

• The Asian Village in 2050

• The Asian Borderlands in 2050


Scholars should approach the topic of the New Asian Order from the unique perspectives of their own disciplines. Presenters must ensure that their papers provide a fresh perspective, a novel approach, or a new contribution to the literature.


Publication of Book:

All paper presenters will be invited to submit finished papers for consideration for publication as a book to be published by Rising Asia Foundation in collaboration with a publishing house.