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June 15, 2021
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Rising Asia Journal
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Rising Asia Foundation invites proposals for its 2021 annual three-day multidisciplinary academic conference (spanning a vast swathe from foreign policy to world literatures), to be held as a webinar from August 16-18, 2021. The deadline for submitting abstracts is June 15, 2021. Abstracts should be submitted via email to both the co-chairs of the conference: Professor Suchorita Chattopadhyay, suchoritachattopadhyay@gmail.com and Professor Julie Mehta, juliemehta57@gmail.com , Dr. Harish C.Mehta, harish.mehta@utoronto.ca For more details about the conference visit our website:  www.rajraf.org 


Submissions must include:

(a) Abstract: A 250-word abstract of the paper to be presented.

(b) Contact information: Full name, email address, rank, affiliation, and city/country.

(c) Paper Title.

(d) Discipline/s: Mention the discipline/s such as History or Literature or Economics, etc.

(e) Geographical Area: Mention the country/countries/regions of focus.


Peer Review and Acceptance:

 Abstracts will be peer reviewed by an appropriate Program Sub-Committee, and presenters will be informed about the results via email by July 15, 2021.

 There is no registration fee, in view of the pandemic.



Asia is witnessing ever-intensifying conflict over the possession of disputed mountainous, maritime and riverine territory and resources. How did we get to this stage? Often between two or more countries, these disputes are driven by a new hegemonic aggressiveness as one power or the other attempts to project itself as a great new power surrounded by compliant states. In this power play, extreme nationalism and hegemonic self-image develops in the citizens of the country that aims to dominate. These hegemonies not only affect the countries that are forced into submission, but they also affect (1) the inhabitants of the areas located on the borders who are ignored in negotiations between states, and (2) the diasporic communities such as the Chinese in South and Southeast Asia, or the Indians in Southeast Asia. The hegemonies also seen in growing number of trade disputes between Asian powers and the West, on the one hand, and within Asia itself, on the other. The conference aims to explore the disputes, the conflicts, and the hegemonies from multiple perspectives, across all disciplines. Papers should focus on Ocean/Strait/River/Mountain as the spaces of dispute and resolution, through the following themes:

Archives: Access and Denial * Borders and History * Belonging and Identity * Civilizational Unity & Disunity * Censorship and the State * Diasporas and Assimilation * Decolonization and Sovereignty * Economic Growth and Connectivity * Film and Identity * Foreign Policy and Limits of Negotiation * Grand Strategy * Ideology and Intervention * Indigeneity and Borderlands * Landscapes and Homeland * Law and History * Literature and Resources * Livelihood and Claims * Nationhood/Citizenship and Nationalism * Old and New Cold War * Performance and Ownership * Race and Conflict * Refugees and Racism * Ritual and Resources * Technology and Hegemony * Trade and Hostile Borders * Visual Art and Hegemony * War and Literature/Film * World Literatures * War and Society


Scholars should approach the topic of “Oceans, Straits, Riverscapes, Mountains” from the unique perspectives of their own disciplines, for example, historians of Asia may identify threads that unified and divided Asia in the past, historians of health may look at pandemics as points of rupture and convergence, anthropologists can look at indigenous communities’ concerns across the continent, and foreign policy and diplomacy scholars may explore war and peace, and so on. Scholars may also approach their topic through appropriate discourses, for instance, of postcolonialism, hegemony, international relations theories, feminism, world literatures and others. Presenters must ensure that their papers provide a fresh perspective, a novel approach, or a new contribution to the literature.


Publication of Book:

All paper presenters will be invited to submit finished papers for consideration for publication as a book to be published by Rising Asia Foundation in collaboration with a publishing house.