Teaching Arabic Literature in Translation: Approaches and Objectives

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March 22, 2021
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AATA panel - MESA Conference, October 28, 2021

Teaching Arabic Literature in Translation::Approaches and Objectives

In this AATA panel, we invite researchers and pedagogues to reflect on the approaches they use in teaching Arabic Literature in English Translation and the objectives associated with these courses. This panel aims to address the following questions:

-What criteria dictate the selection of the texts in terms of their genres, content, and historical periods?

-What factors determine the learning outcomes, learning activities, and assessment methods associated with these courses?

-What strategies instructors use in order to manage mediation and transfer in texts originally written in Arabic?

  -How do instructors address intercultural competence issues?

We invite presenters interested in presenting on any of these or similar issues relevant to this panel topic to send a 300-word abstract and a short bio by March 22, 2021 to aatapanels@gmail.com.

While presentations can be in Arabic or English, we encourage presentations in Arabic. Notification of abstract acceptance by April1, 2021.

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