The New Korean Association of English Language & Literature 2021 Spring Conference

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March 31, 2021
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The New Korean Association of English Language & Literature
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2021 NKAELL(The New Korean Association of English Language & Literature) Spring Conference


Date: May 31, 2021 (Wednesday)

Venue: Online

Theme: Hôte(Host/Guest): Between Hospitality and Inhospitality


In Jacques Derrida’s Of Hospitality, he reminds us that un “hôte” means a “guest” as well as a “host.” In other words, because the situation in which a person is considered the subject or the other may be reversed, the host can be the guest, and the guest the host. Derrida has always reflected on “the border, the limit, the threshold, the step beyond this threshold.” Emmanuel Levinas also has discussed the relationship between the subject and the other, and hospitality in depth. Levinas goes beyond the mutual hospitality between the host and the guest. And his thought is not in line with what Kant called “conditional hospitality” but with Derrida’s “unconditional hospitality.” In the face of the (im)possible requests for “unconditional hospitality” that must embrace such unfriendly guests as the aggressor, we are constantly reflecting on our human limitations. And we contemplate the “ethics” of how to treat the other in order for the subject to co-exist with the other. The pandemic has hit the world drastically and changed the way we live, and thus the countries have strengthened the border controls. Therefore, we believe there is no better time than now to discuss how hospitality or inhospitality is met by guests, refugees, immigrants, migrant workers, travelers, etc.


So the New Korean Association of English Language and Literature(NKAELL) will invite all the scholars, graduate/undergraduate students, and other academic experts as our “hosts/guests.”


NKAELL will receive a 25-minute presentation paper on the subject. Discussion topics include the following but are not limited to them, and we welcome presentations on general topics as well.

-guest/host -hospitality

-stranger -the marginalized –aggressor -immigrant -refugee -traveler

-tolerance -coexistence with others -acceptance of otherness

-acquisition of L2 -Korean as a foreign language -international students – English teaching

-mobility -borderline/border/threshold

-post-colonialism -diaspora

-nationalism -regionalism -community

-conditional hospitality/unconditional hospitality

-ethics for the other -justice



The conference will convene online, and participation is free of charge. We especially welcome graduate students’ papers.


Application Deadline: March 31, 2021

Paper Submission Deadline: April 30, 2021


Submit the title of the presentation with your name, affiliation, cellular phone number, and a brief bio to the academic affairs officers: for literature to Chang, Kyong-Soon at and for linguistics to Jung, Hyun Kyoung at by March 31, 2021.


Also, we are pretty flexible as to the format of the papers. Please submit papers of your 25-minute presentations in a Word/HWP document or PowerPoint slides by April 30, 2021.