“Book Groups: Scholarship, Study, and Reading in and about Medieval England” MMLA 2021 Permanent Session Old and Middle English Language and Literature

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May 1, 2021
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Midwest Modern Language Association
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Updated Submission deadline!

The general conference theme “cultures of collectivity” presents some very current and relevant possibilities for the study of late antique and medieval English languages and literatures.  Any proposal that considers this theme in general will be welcome, but two foci will be of particular interest.

First, the study of book culture and literacy has been a growing field in recent years both in terms of groups of readers and groups of texts. This approach might address ideas concerning reading communities, literacy and education, book sharing, book production and combining of texts as complete or excerpted works, and use and re-use of books or texts over time.

Second, re-evaluations of inclusivity and exclusivity within scholarly approaches and/or among students and scholars has been a subject of great concern and attention over the past few years. Some of the possibilities for exploration include but are not limited to the inclusions and exclusions of race, gender, politics, formal academic training, and language, both medieval and modern. Subjects might include perceptions and presentations of a particular group in either a text or book, the academy, or both, in the past, present, and/or futures.

Please send abstracts of approximately 350 words, along with a cv or brief biographical statement, to Dr. Kathleen Burt at katheen.burt@mga.edu by no later than May 1, 2021.