Concise Collections: Teaching 18th Century Women

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April 2, 2021
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ABO: Interdisciplinary Journal on Women in the Arts
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ABO announces "Concise Collections on Teaching Eighteenth-Century Women," a new series that seeks to promote the teaching of eighteenth-century women writers and artists who remain seriously underrepresented in university classrooms, beyond a small collection of now-canonical authors.

In ABO’s Pedagogies section, we seek to publish groupings of three to five short articles focused on a specific female author/artist/grouping in each of the next six issues. The issue on Charlotte Lennox (Spring 2022) has now selected six proposals and is closed to further submisisons.

Articles should be 3000-3500 words, focused on a strategy for teaching a single text or group of short texts around one of the subjects below. Submissions that locate their approach or module within the context of commonly-taught courses or frames will be especially valuable (in the context of a course on the novel or dramatic genres, travel literatures, surveys, transatlantic/continental dialogues, or studies of empire and colonialism, for example, or a strategy to pair or group this text/writer with others in a particularly fruitful way).

Articles may focus on a combination of description of a teaching strategy or course design or assignment, with critical discussion that substantiates and informs the pedagogical strategy. The key is how a specific text or aspect of the artist/discourse/writer can be taught most effectively and to best impact in different university and college contexts.

We seek submissions for the following groupings:

Teaching Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Teaching Mary Prince 

Teaching women travelers in the 18th century

Teaching BIPOC women in the 18th century

Teaching women artists in the 18th century

Teaching Charlotte Lennox.  (submissions closed; selection completed)


200-word proposals to

Tiffany Potter

Department of English

University of British Columbia

Vancouver, Canada

tiffany.potter [at]

Proposals due before April 2 for essay submission by 1 December 2021. Earlier proposals and submissions may be considered for Fall 2021 publication.

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