REVELAR Journal vol.6 (2021): «The Photographer»

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May 31, 2021
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REVELAR Journal of Photography and Image Studies
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REVELAR – Journal of Photography and Image Studies is open to works for volume no. 6 (2021). This edition, dedicated to «The Photographer», will publish works in the following modalities:
— Scientific papers
— Reviews (on books, essays or photography exhibitions)
— Photo-essays (open to both amateurs and professional photographers)
— Varia


Inspired by the title of an unavoidable work on photography, Le Photographique: pour une théorie des écarts, by Rosalind Krauss (1990), we propose a discussion on the Photographer and the photographic discourse they instigate. Thus, the sixth issue of REVELAR is dedicated to: «The Photographer».
From alchemist to scientist, chemist to optometrist, amateur to professional, technician to artist, the photographer has redefined how the world is seen and shaped for the past 200 years. Perhaps it is significantly owed to them the construction of the strange concept, «visual culture», so often used.
Visual culture is but a part of the civilizational journey conveyed through the gaze, the observing, the detailing, by way of the eye or its extension, the lens. From the microscope to the telescope, the camera to the video camera, the stereoscopy to today’s immersive devices, the transformation of the eye is due to the photographer’s work. As instigator of the exercise on evidence, in the sense that «seeing is believing», the photographer also proposes the creation of images, forged from the vestigial «shadows» of Plato’s Cave, from memories, archetypes, dreams.
From portraiture to photojournalism, Medicine to Anthropology, there have been several photographers who paved new ways of seeing, interpreting and thinking about the world in contemporary times. By combining them with the anonymous who have flooded the internet with billions of images — from Kodaks to snapshots, Polaroid to Instagram — we are able to better our understanding of the «visual culture» concept. We live in an Era of visual proficiency, regardless of whether or not it means visual literacy, as Joan Fontcuberta has suggested.

In light of the proposed framework, we are open to contributions focused on the following themes, namely:

— Biographies of female and male photographers;
— Historiographical reviews/studies on Commercial Photography Studios;
— Case studies (individual or joint) on photographs, photobooks, photographic essays, etc.;
— Studies on photographic collections;
— Photography theorists and treatises;
— Reflections on portrait, self-portrait and selfies;
— Gender perspectives: History of Photography through the eyes of men and women and their impact on the act of photographing and its themes.

Should you wish to send your contribution, please read the policies on our submission guidelines available online.

All works must be submitted until May 31st to: (in c.c.)

Peer-review deliberation and acceptance will be announced until August 31st; issue to be published in December 2021.